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Thursday, December 11, 2003

some comments about LinkedIn
I'm trying out the social network platforms, and of all of them LinkedIn suits me best. SO this comment is rendered in the spirit of "I like you so much I want you to be better!"

I am getting a lot of invitations from people I don't know. It would be great to have a button that says "See inviter's profile" that links directly from the confirm-or decline-invitation page.

Also, on the invitations page, the service should include some advice: "Do not invite people who do not know you. If you are not sure, at least give them a hint of who you are ... how you met, etc. If you are not sure or that effort is too much work for a particular person, perhaps you do not know that person well enough."

My sense is that people are starting to invite everyone in their address book. That may goose statistics, but the key is the signal, not the noise. ANd, of course, too much noise will drown out the signal...
posted by Esther 4:30 AM

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