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Friday, August 08, 2003

catching up (as usual)
Just coming up for air after (almost) finishing collaboration with Dan Gillmor (of San Jose Mercury renown) and Christina Koukkos of Release 1.0 renown (our editor) on the July-August issue of Release 1.0. It began as an issue on blogging (!yes!) and turned into an issue about RSS and the meta of blogging - syndication, data feeds (check out ) and the like. It's not just content anymore: In one direction it's conversations, and in another it's active data (cf. the Semantic Web).

As part of this, last week I visited David Sifry at
. In some ways, Technorati is the Google of the blogging world: It uses links to navigate its world and produce interesting results. It has been an interesting time exploring all these new startups, including also Six Apart , Feedster , 20six
more at my site (coming soon).

Completely separately, we visited the Computer History Museum , cleverly located in a former marketing building of Silicon Graphics (from the good old days when everyone had lots of money). It's wonderful to see how the people and things we took for granted are now "history"...and by god, the sutff is interesting. From the very beginnings JOhn von Neumann et al., Babbage's difference engine, to the old Computer Tabulating and Recording Company (now called IBM), the early PCs and Apples ... and now the Internet. Aside from thoroughly enjoying the visit, I am absolutely delighted that the Museum accepts donations not only of money but of things. THose who know my office - famous for its mess - will understand that I have quite a collection of T-shirts, old software, IPO prospectuses and other ephemera. I hate throwing things out, but I love giving them away...

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